When we first started the music at Everetts, everything happened in the family home. The only available concessions was a cup of coffee made by our handy 10 cup percolator. Back then, friends would start to gather around 8:00pm and we would take our grandfather's hat and pass it around for donations. Someone would take the money up to the local store and pick up cookies, chips, drinks and ice, depending on how much was collected. The food would be placed on the counter in the kitchen and everyone would help themselves.

The "Music Room" opened up in 1968 and it was decided to place a "coffee can" for donations beside our brand new, much larger, coffee pot. The ladies would bring cakes and pies, while the house supplied the coffee, cokes and paper products.

The "Music Barn" opened in 1971--we only had two tables. One to serve from and one for the coffee pot and cooler for the ice. The "Coffee Can" followed us to the barn. 

Our "Coffee Can" has been a part of the tradition since 1971, and continues to support the barn today.

The Story Behind The Coffee Can